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The challenge

Problems to solve
  • Understanding the depth of Amazon as a platform
  • Reimagining the way data is represented
  • Reduce the complexity of journeys to and reduce user effort
  • Fix fundamental UX errors
  • Design a go-to-market product within a tight deadline

Our approach

What outsiders thought -

Confusing. Complicated. Untrustworthy for a market leader.

How we changed the story -

Modern. Sleek. Authentic to their brand.

User goals and features

Small and midsize businesses

20-35 years old, based globally. This persona owns a small business and has a small number of products. They have a small online store and a small marketing team to look at their PDPs.

Big Brands

30-50 years of age, based all around the world. This persona has big brands with internal e-commerce teams or outside agency help to manage their product pages.

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Design approach

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Custom-made, Specialised Reporting

One of the standout features of the Dashboard Reports is a custom-made scoring graph, designed specifically for NittyGritti. It is divided by quintiles, on a scale of 1-100, and specifies the number of products on each quintile with a compact card on top of the scale. This unique approach to a complex graph enabled users to understand vast data at a glance.

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Leveraging Extensions For Added Functionality

This browser extension enabled a boost in functionality for the product by allowing users to easily mark their products directly from the Amazon product page, which could then be uploaded and processed for auditing. Multiple pages can be added and batch uploaded for ease of management. A alert state was created to disallow the same product to be uploaded twice.

Streamlining Access For Seamless Collaboration

We enabled plan allocation to be shared within a team and added functionality to modify each user’s limits individually. A fallback mechanism was designed to revoke access or limit rogue accounts from accessing valuable internal data.

Seamless Up-selling Through Uploads

Since the content auditing process starts with an upload, users were given multiple options to upload their files. It could be manual or batch uploaded through an .csv sheet. Upselling was enabled while the uploading was in progress to increase plan limits on the same page if the plan was at full capacity.