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EZ Credit Card

  • Fintech
  • Product Strategy
  • App UX/UI Design
App screens created for a credit card lending company, EZ

The challenge

Problems to solve
  • Building meaningful engagement and retention through product innovation
  • Helping the Gen Z be credit active and spend wisely.
  • Designing a product that understands the paradigms the GenZ revolves around

Our approach

  • Market and user research
  • Information architecture
  • Structuring true insights
  • Product innovation and strategy
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Wireframing
  • Usability testing
  • UX-UI design
  • Custom illustrations & icons
  • 3D design
What outsiders thought -

Credit is risky. Not tailored for Gen Z. Barrier to getting credit access.

How we changed the story -

Built trust. Hyper-personalisation. Created a fresh perception towards credit.

User goals and features

High-school & undergraduate students

Digital natives, these users are mostly spending in cash but seek financial independence. They are looking for ways to impress their peers and be the cool one in the group. With our solution, the aim was to give them lucrative incentives and instil good financial habits.

First jobbers

This persona has recently gained independence and taken money matters in their own hands. There is fear of debt that makes them averse to using credit cards. It was essential to impart knowledge that helps them spend wisely and reap the benefits of the card.

Growth seekers

This persona is financially literate and understand the benefits of availing credit. To appeal to these users, it was essential to distinguish the EZ credit card and its offerings from the competition.


UX-UI Design

The app interface for the tech-based, EZ Credit Cards
Simplifying everyday monetary transactions

Gen Z is a generation that lives and breathes digital. To connect with them and further enable their financial freedom, we enabled UPI payments on credit. This, coupled with the benefit of 0% EMI on medical bills gave users the ability to take care of themselves and their loved ones, no matter the situation.

3. [New] EZ First Showcase.png
Facilitating budgeting skills and building good financial habits

We noticed that the new-age generation craved financial independence but felt lost. To aid them, we created a platform that allows them to get a detailed insight into their expenditure on a monthly & weekly basis. They can also set limits on how much they want to spend and will get notified in case of overspending. This further inculcates the habit of saving and spending money wisely.

Creating an exclusive community that encourages adoption

Everyone wants to belong somewhere and Gen Z is no different. Our focus was to ensure that the app would help today's youth to be a part of and grow with a community. How? We gave them access to special events and parties. These were tailored to their preferences, so they could decide whether they wanted to attend them to network or simply unwind.

Gamification to encourage retention

Gen Z is hard to retain in most services, and so, we decided to make user engagement a core aspect of this app. We gamified the system as a way to keep our young audience more excited about using credit. The more purchases you make, the more rewards you get! There were also specific reward games, where you choose what you get. For example, a game where you can win an iPhone after you reach a certain number of points.