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Antarctica Global

  • Technology Services
  • Design Strategy
  • Website UX UI Design

The challenge

Problems to solve
  • Visitors misunderstood the company as environmentalists
  • Proving their expertise in building scalable ecosystems for an international market
  • Drawing newer clients as well as fresh talent to the company

Our approach

  • Competitor analysis
  • Market and user research
  • Audience definition
  • Information architecture (IA)
  • User experience design (UX)
  • Content designing
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • UX-UI Design
  • Custom illustrations & icons
  • Design system
  • Motion Design
  • Design strategy
  • Quality assurance
  • Interactive prototypes
  • .
What outsiders thought -

Regular technology company. Environmentalists. Limited services.

How we changed the story -

Technology trendsetters. Making businesses planet-positive. Trustworthy. They helped build huge ecosystems.

User goals and features

High growth startups

A fast-paced generation of entrepreneurs, they are looking for partners and not vendors. Someone who can constantly understand their vision and execute that at scale. For them, our goal was to simplify a complex subject like software development, and showcase Antarctica Global’s power of consulting.


Huge enterprises come with a specific set of processes. They seek for a partner with a proven strength and area of expertise. Keeping this in mind, we emphasized on their proven past work and dominance in custom software solutions.


What makes Antarctica Global a great place to work? To answer this question and appeal to the right talent, we focused on the diversity rich company, the founders vision to empower young developers and building complex yet sustainable products.


UX-UI design


The outcome

Our goal was to create a website that would echo trust and meaning, along with a reimagined visual identity for Antarctica Global.


Increase in platform engagement since launch as tracked by Google Analytics


Increase in page views since launch as tracked by Google Analytics


Increase in new organic visitors to the website since launch as tracked by Google Analytics

Being enviornmentalists and a custom software company together.

We had to strike the right balance between its passion of saving the world and building custom software that can change the world. We did that by showcasing their scalable solutions and unique process along with visual elements that highlighted their love for the environment.

Showcasing trust in a playful and interactive manner.

Credibility plays an important part for any business to associate with a development agency. To build trust, we kept information as the key goal of the website and transparently showcased everything that they stand for. Further, we highlighted their new-age philosophy and unique thought-process.

Make talent feel excited and bring meaning to a job position.

Who doesn’t love being a part of a company that supports a greater good? We encouraged fresh talent to join the company by highlighting a culture that nurtures their skills and ambitions.

Using illustrations to make boring questions intriguing and powerful.

The Adoptive Matrix was the first step towards helping a company truly understand where their technology lies. The illustrations would help make the form easily digestible and visually interesting.

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