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  • Product Strategy
  • App UX/UI Design
A user swiping on the new age dating app Among

The challenge

Problems to solve
  • Connecting people with similar aspirations and expectations
  • Creating a safe dating ecosystem where trust is the primary factor
  • Bringing out the essence of dating in the real world within a virtual platform

Our approach

  • User interviews and Research
  • Structuring True Insights
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Product Innovation and Strategy
  • Wireframing
  • Content Design
  • User Experience Design
  • UX-UI design
  • Design system
  • Design Strategy
What outsiders thought -

Time-consuming. No real connection. No personalization. The ability to connect as one’s true self was missing.

How we changed the story -

Trustworthy. Genuine. Bridging the gap between online dating and offline personalities.

User goals and features

Lazy Dater

A lazy dater keeps questions closed-ended and easily loses interest in conversations. For such a persona, it became crucial to have features that could keep them hooked.

Serious Dater

A serious dater uses the app to look for potential relationships. We wanted to connect them with like-minded people and take the first step towards their compatibility.

Jaded Dater

A jaded dater has been single for a long time or has been agnostic to the virtual dating world. To motivate these users, we had to build features that promoted positive experiences and credibility.

Serious Dater - User persona for the dating app
Lazy Dater - User persona for Among dating app
Jaded Dater - User persona for Among dating app

UX UI Design

App screen designs for Among Dating App
Fostering trust in the world of online dating

Through our research, we noticed that Gen Z was trying to find something authentic in the virtual world that was full of facade. To make them trust Among, we added features that gave a closer look into the person's lifestyle, which also boosted their credibility.

The feed section on Among - Dating App
Designing a compatibility first platform

To be able to distinguish Among from its competition, we were certain that this app had to do away with meaningless matches and connect with people on a deeper level. Keeping users and their behaviour at our core, we designed a platform that filtered compatible matches based on the users’ preferences.

Showcase of Features that enhance compatibility through Artificial Intelligence
Making conversations engaging

A lot of individuals struggled with finding ‘the right move’ to start conversations or to keep them going. It becomes important to prompt them to interact so things move forward, faster. The inculcation of GIFs, live stickers, emojis, and voice call features made it easier for them to build conversations and encouraged them to make the first move.

Showcase of features that make conversations easier on the dating app