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Our tropical personality
Our tropical personality
Our tropical personality
Full Pineapple
Pineapple isn’t just a name.
There’s an untold meaning
to it.
The fruit, Pineapple, encapsulates the holistic experience our agency provides.

Pineapple was a name that reached the masses and got everyone intrigued and smiling. With a deeper meaning, it brings out our youthful approach towards digital experiences.

The core
Our client’s product, a solid foundation/idea that has the desire to solve problems.
The fruit
The delicious fruit that people enjoy, which is the user experience (UX) we subconsciously crave
The skin
The thorny is the interface design (UI) that makes the product impenetrable and unique

We stand by what we believe and we’ve created a culture that’s built on being yourself.

Pineapple's inclusive and fun cultural events!
Team Pineapple relaxing during the Annual Retreat
Members of the UX team clicking a selfie in office
The  UI UX teams at Pineapple collaborating on a project together
The UI team at Pineapple discussing a new project

The 6 core values that are embedded in our everyday work practices:

Be curious image

Be curious

Being curious helps us open different doors of possibilities and guides us to the depth of each problem.
Be ethical icon

Stay Ethical

From our internal conversations to building products of tomorrow, we follow ethical practices in every step of our pathway.
Take risks icon

Take Risks

We aren’t afraid to fail. It is our ability to take calculated risks that put us and our client partners ahead of the curve.
Tell a story icon

Tell a story

We are committed to designing products that embed their story at every level of design. It helps us create truly meaningful UX/UI designs.
Always innovate icon

Always innovate

Innovation helps us solve for the future in the present. We strive to design experiences that are successful, unheard and unseen.
Design for impact icon

Design for impact

We believe in designing holistic digital experiences that bring impact in human lives.

Our tagline ‘We design different’ focuses on how each aspect of work can be done a little differently. At Pineapple, we pride ourselves on the ability to think, create and solve differently.

Meet our founders, and the dream team

We’re a diverse team that works as one, fancies attention to detail, enjoys beers on Friday nights and aspires to design the dent in the universe.

Dhisti Desai
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Rohan Parekh
Co-Founder & Product Director
Pineapple Design Agency Team Photo
We collaborate with businesses across the globe
Together with clients, we are building meaningful digital experiences for a global audience.
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